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Windshield repair? Don't replace it!

There are some windshield repair competitors out there who will falsely tell you that if a crack is more than a dollar bill it cannot be fixed. This is not true, and they have been sued for this deception. In some cases, not all cracks are eligible to repair.

Some benefits of windshield repair

* Cost much less than replacement

* Saves time - the process is fast while you wait

* Prevents damage from spreading

* Retains the windshield factory bond

* Saves the environment - eco-friendly

* Provides great looking repairs

* Accepted and endorsed by most Insurance companies

Types Of Windshield Cracks

11. Edge Crack

2. Long Crack

3. Floater Crack

4. Star Crack

5. Rock Chip

Windshield edge crack

Specialist in Windshield repair and Headlight restoration

Windshield crack before
Windshield crack repaired
Rock chip.jpg
Rock Chip Repair.jpg
star crack
combination crack.jpg

Save your windshield and your money. The safe, economical, and convenient alternative to costly windshield replacement. Mobile service at your home or office. Don't wait another day. Our windshield repair will stop rock chips from cracking out. We can also fix edge cracks which is the most common type of crack.

Will a chip repair completely disappear? The chip repair will not completely disappear but it will restore the structural integrity and improve the cosmetic appearance between 80 - 90 percent.

Will the cracked windshield repair completely disappear? The purpose of a crack repair is to restore the structural integrity of the windshield and prevent further damage but while the cosmetic appearance will improve the crack will not completely disappear.

Does our windshield repair service in compliance with ROLAGS standards? Our windshield repair follows the practice and standard established by the repair of LAMINATED SAFETY AUTOMOTIVE GLASS  ROLAGS. Please learn more about windshield repair practice and standards by reading their comprehensive handbook. Click here


Our windshield repair comes with a written lifetime money-back guarantee (Rock Chip Repair only} We use Glas-Weld Resin


NEVER WASH WINDSHIELD PRIOR TO REPAIR - temperature change from a car wash could increase the damage and the moisture from the water would delay the repair which could lead to further damage.

DURING THE WINTER TIME - park the vehicle in a garage at night as the cold temperature change mix with hot air inside the vehicle could increase the damage while using the defroster and dew/rain in the crack could delay the repair which can lead to further cracking.

DURING THE SUMMER - park the vehicle under a tree and keep the windshield cool (not cold) open the windows slightly to avoid heat build-up which can cause the chip or crack to spread.

WHAT TO DO IF THERE IS A CHIP OR CRACK IN YOUR WINDSHIELD? cover the damage with clear packing tape to seal out moisture. This will not prevent the chip or crack from spreading but will provide a cleaner-looking repair.

Advance Driver AssistSafety Systems

Don't replace your windshield, call us first to see if we can repair it for you. Avoid the cost of recalibration. Save up to $1000 by repairing your windshield.

Headlight Restoration

Headlight repair

Headlight restoration will restore clarity to your headlights. See clearly while driving at night and Improve vision. Let us restore your headlights to a like-new appearance.

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