Long Crack Repair

Updated: Jan 17

Long crack repair is becoming a choice among car owners, as the cost to replace a windshield is becoming more expensive. If your windshield is cracked at the edge from a rock chip, it can be fixed so that the crack will not spread any further. It must also be understood that after the repair the crack will still be noticeable at certain angles and lighting conditions. For a successful long crack repair the windshield must be free of water and dirt or the repair will fail.

Preparing to have your windshield long crack repair successfully.

1.Take a picture of the crack by first starting with the original chip and the rest of the crack after. Please text or email for evaluation.

2. Allow water to evaporate from the crack by parking it in the sun or heated garage

3. Don't wait more than 3 days to fix unless you are allowing moisture to evaporate

4. Don't use windshield washer fluids

5. Don't go to the car wash

6. Clean the crack with rubbing alcohol and seal it with a clear scotch tape until you have it repaired

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