How to prevent windshield crack while replacing the car wiper blades?

Updated: Oct 18

Windshield damaged from wiper arm

Damaged or cracked windshield is on the rise while changing the wiper blades on your car's windshield. In this blog I am going describe the proper way to replace your car's wiper blades without causing the wiper arm to crack your windshield. This damage is usually not repairable since the damaged windshield may be too severe to be repaired and required expensive windshield replacement. You don't want to replace that $700 windshield with a cheap $20 one, and once the original factory seal is removed it cant be duplicated so you want to prevent this from happening.

Step 1 wiper blade replacement to prevent damage to your windshield

Lift the wiper arm as shown in the picture above and place a thick roll of paper towell under the arm and remove the blade.

Step 2 install the blade

Install the new blade, remove the paper towell and slowly lower the wiper arm. Repeat the same steps for the next wiper arm and this will prevent your windshield from smashing.

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