Windshield repair is a complete evacuation of the air in the break along with the complete fill with resin and the complete curing of the resin. If any of the above mentioned are not done, the technician has not completed the repair properly.


Glass breaks are caused by one or combination of three things:


1. Impact. Windshield damage or break can occur when an object, such as flying rock or stone, hits the windshield. This is the most common cause of windshield break you may experience while driving. 


2. Twist. Flexing in the vehicle frame or improper mounting or installation it will crack. This likely to occur if there is a nick present on the edge of the windshield glass. Cracks caused by frame flex alone with no visible impact point are called stress cracks and can't be repaired.


3. Uneven Heating and Cooling. This type of crack or break generally occurs only in the manufacturing process.

What happens when glass breaks

When an automotive windshield breaks due to flying rocks an air gap opens up. In some types of breaks, the crushed glass may also be present. There are also flat surfaces present inside the glass on either side of the air gap. These three things result in the visibility of the damaged area. If this damage is not repaired it will eventually spread further as the temperature changes and the vehicle flexes in normal usage.

Can the repair make the crack or chip disappear?

Windshield repair will:


1. Restore the strength of the glass

2. Prevent the break from spreading

3. Greatly improve the appearance of the windshield


A repair will not make the damage completely disappear. The finished appearance will vary with the amount of damage there is, to begin with.





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