What is windshield repair?


Windshield repair is a proven system that repairs stone break on your windshield. Replacement is usually unnecessary, and the repair process can range 30 minutes or more. The technician first replaces the air and moisture from the damaged glass and inject the top-quality sophisticated resin. Our high-quality windshield resin from Glas-Weld will permanently stop breaks from spreading and restores the optical clarity and impact resistance of your windshield with a bond stronger than the original windshield itself. And the repair is fully guaranteed.

Why Repair?

With the average cost of windshield replacement at more than $300, windshield repair makes great economic sense. The cost of a repair is just a fraction of a new windshield.

All unrepaired windshield damage will eventually spread and require that the entire windshield be replaced. When this happens, you will be responsible for paying your deductible. Also, if you replace your windshield, the original factory seal and windshield molding must be removed. Many times this creates an irritating air leak around the windshield. If the windshield does not seal properly water leaks can happen.

Normally, replacement requires that you lose the old unbiodegradable windshields that end up taking space at our already overloaded landfills.

Windshield chip repair or Windshield crack repair saves you money and your insurance company money. Overall this keeps the cost of your insurance down.

What can be repaired?

Small rock chips between the size of a dime and a 50 cent piece, or up to 2 inches in diameter.

Windshield crack repair? A single line cracks up to 18 inches.

What must not be repaired?

Hairline cracks more than 3 days old or were exposed to the car wash, road salt, and other chemicals can contaminate the crack and prevent the resin from holding the glass together. ( This doesn't apply to small rock chip as we can usually remove the contamination)

Will a chip repair completely disappear?

While the repair will restore the structural integrity it must be understood that a small blemish will remain. Depending on the severity of the damage the cosmetic appearance can improve between 70 - 98 percent.

Will a long crack repair completely disappear?

The purpose of a long crack repair is to prevent the damage from growing, however, the crack repair will improve but you will notice a  small hairline at certain angles and lighting conditions.

Our guarantee at Clarke's Spotless Windshield Crack Repair?

Rock chip repair comes with a written lifetime guarantee. in the event the chip repair re-open or spread a refund of the original amount will be issued. The guarantee is not transferable.

Windshield crack repair of long crack comes with a 90 days 50 percent money back guarantee.

Why us?

Certified professional

Professional and prompt service

Over 20 plus years of experience

Our windshield repair meets the standard and practice of repairing laminated auto glass ( ROLAGS) Please view the current ROLAGS standard.


Preparation of windshield repair?

Never wash windshield prior to repair ( Temperature change or car wash could increase the damage)

DURING THE SUMMER - Keep the car windshield cool by slightly open the windows or park in the shade.

DURING THE WINTER -  Park the vehicle inside a garage at night as cold temperatures could cause the damage to grow.

Please cover all rock chips with clear tape and get it to fix asap to prevent a costly replacement. Why replace when you can repair?

Serving Queens, New York, and surrounding areas. Mobile service at your home or office. Call 718-533-6142 or Text 718-607-1165 with pics for assessment of the damage to be repaired.


Hours of operation by appointment only?

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